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Make Your Own Schedule! (“Create-a-Class”)

Pole Dance Studio now provides you the option of scheduling your own class! Gather a group of friends, determine when everyone is available, and then schedule a drop-in class, a set of session classes, or a workshop at Pole Dance Studio!
It’s THAT easy!

“I have schedule conflicts with your calendar of regular classes and workshops…but I really want to take the classes!”

At Pole Dance Studio, we realize most people have very busy schedules and other commitments that don’t always allow them to be available to participate in our regularly scheduled classes. It’s sometimes very difficult to be available for each class of an entire set of Pole Dancing classes – especially if you’re a shift worker with a rotating schedule, or a student that cannot take classes on a particular night.

The solution? Pole Dance Studio now offers YOU the opportunity to create your OWN schedule of classes that fits with your personal or professional schedule.

“What are the requirements for registering my own class or workshop?”

To schedule your own class or workshop, you need to:

  1. choose a program currently offered by Pole Dance Studio (see choices below);
  2. have a minimum of 7* people in your group
  3. have all payments received by Pole Dance Studio when the class/workshop schedule is finalized and BEFORE the start of the first day of class

“How do I schedule my own group class or workshop?”

Scheduling your own class is easy. All you need to do is the following:

1) Choose in which Pole Dance Studio set of classes or workshop you wish to participate:

  • Curious About Pole Dancing introductory class (1.0 hour total)
  • Sensual Movement (Lap Dancing & Striptease Part A) workshop and Sensual Striptease (Part B) (3.0 hours total)
  • Pole Dance 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 Levels (6.0 hours total for each level)
  • Chair Dance 1 or 2 Levels (6.0 hours total for each level)
  • Fun Intensive Training ("F.I.T.") (6 hours total)

2) Find at least 6 other friends, co-workers, classmates, relatives … or anyone else you find who is interested in the same class or workshop.

3) Determine a time and date (or set of times and dates) suitable for everyone in your group to attend the classes or workshops

4) Contact Pole Dance Studio to determine studio and instructor availability and to obtain schedule approval

5) Register your schedule

Registering Your Schedule

Upon approval of your program schedule, you must register your schedule by having all the registration paid for each student in your group asap.

Registration of your schedule will not be confirmed until payment from a minimum of 7 students has been received.

If the minimum number of registrants have not paid by the end of the day the schedule was proposed, the schedule may not be approved. Registration of your schedule will not be confirmed until payment from a minimum of 5 students has been received.

Pricing and Payment

Pricing per student for "Create-a-Class" programs is the same as the regular scheduled programs. Currently no additional charges apply:

  • Curious About Pole Dancing and Chair Dancing class: $30 per student
  • Lap Dancing & Striptease workshop: $49 per student
  • Chair Dance, Pole Dance, or F.I.T. 6-week program: $169 per student

(For all prices add HST).

Students can register and pay their registration fee directly by providing credit card information over the phone, on online by either PayPal or Interac Email Money Transfer. Alternatively, students may call to make an appointment to pay in person at the studio by cash, credit card, or debit card. Contact Tatiana by phone at 604-000-0000 or by email tatiana@poledancestudio.com for registration and payment.

A Confirmation Email will be sent to each student with everything they are required to know prior to the start of their program, including: schedule, logistical information, and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

“Create-a-Class” Registration Agreement

Upon registering a class, program, or workshop schedule, the client and Pole Dance Studio agree upon the following:

  • Every student is guaranteed their own pole or chair throughout the ENTIRE course
  • The registered class, program, or workshop will not be in conflict with other Pole Dance Studio classes, programs, workshops, or private functions
  • The registered class, program, or workshop is NOT a private class – Pole Dance Studio reserves the right to open the class, program, or workshop to other students or groups of students
  • Pole Dance Studio may allocate any available spots in the class, program, or workshop to other students on a drop-in or full registration basis
  • Class size will be upon the discretion of Pole Dance Studio for Curious About Pole Dancing and Chair Dancing classes will be a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 students

Click here for the Cancellation Policy for "Create-a-Class" (missing a class, rescheduling, and withdrawing from a program).


For planning, scheduling, and registering a class, program, or workshop, or for more information regarding "Create-a-Class", please contact:

Tatiana (Executive Assistant): 604-000-0000
Email: tatiana@poledancestudio.com

Sharon (Lead Instructor): 604-000-0000
Email: sharon@poledancestudio.com