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Gift Ideas for the Last Minute Shopper!

For those of you searching for that special gift for your significant other, family member, or group of friends, we offer the following quick-and-easy suggestions guaranteed to surprise and delight!

For Groups!

Perfect for a future Stagette or Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Girls' Night Out, or any occasion to celebrate something!

Why not buy your group of girlfriends a creative, empowering and exciting gift that they will remember for the rest of their lives!? Get them one of the Group Party Packages below and just bring your cameras! Pole Dance Studio provides the entertainment, instruction and even the accessories!

Regular Private Group Party PackagesStarting at $275 (valid ANYTIME 7 days of the week)
Regular Private Group Parties last 1.5-hours or longer and includes optional Bonus Offers*. Choose from an assortment of regular Party Packages offered by Pole Dance Studio. The packages vary and can include: Pole Dancing, Lap Dancing, Striptease, Adult Toy Party, and/or Male Exotic Entertainment. Perfect for groups that want to experience the "full meal deal"!

Express VIP Package$195
In a rush? A 1-hour Pole Dancing party for a small group of up to 5 people. Ideal for smaller groups on a tighter budget! Valid any time of the week. Includes Bonus Offers upon request! A perfect small group gift that's fast and easy!

*For all Private Group Party Packages, the following FREE Bonus Offers may be available: Table Reservations (including preferential group seating, food discounts, and/or complimentary limousine service on select evenings); and Nightclub VIP Passes to one of several popular nightclubs in the Vancouver Entertainment District. Please click here for details.

For Individuals!

Surprise someone with a gift that keeps on giving!

Instructional DVDs
Learn over 50 different dance moves – aimed at both beginner and experienced dancers – in each DVD! You don’t have to be a dancer to learn and enjoy these moves!

2-DVD Set - $49.95 (save $10)
Includes Pole Dancing Choreography and Chair Dancing Choreography DVDs.

Pole Dancing Choreography – Series One - $29.95
Introduces you to Pole Dance Studio’s signature pole dancing moves, including: Sidewinder, Pin-up, and Triple Spin Combo.

Chair Dancing Choreography – Series One - $29.95
Introduces you to Pole Dance Studio’s signature chair dancing moves, including: Hop Mambo, Branch, and Scorpion to the Floor.

Click here for a Sneak Peek at the videos

Private Lessons
Customized one-on-one instruction

  • Individual Lesson (1 hour) $115
  • Private Lessons Package (6 hours) $600

Beginner Pole Dancing Classes - $169
Pole Dance level 1 is a challenging all-around workout including: cardio-striptease warm-up and stretching, simple pole moves, easy pole spins, and floor work – all combined into progressive, easy-to-learn, and simple choreographed routines taught at a pace everyone can follow. This 6-week program includes a total of 6 1-hour long classes of expert instruction.

Pole Dance level 1 classes are scheduled frequently throughout the year. Click the link above for schedules and for more information.

Sensual Movement & Striptease 2-Day Workshop – $89
(Formerly Lap Dancing & Striptease)

This intensive 3-hour, 2-day workshop is ideal for those who want to get in touch with their sensuality, to feel empowered, or to simply learn how to move like an exotic dancer.  Day 1 covers basic movements and techniques while Day 2 shows you how to incorporate your new-found skills into simple and sensual lap dance, chair dance, and burlesque routines with optional dance props.

Sensual Movement & Striptease 2-Day workshops are scheduled once a month on Saturdays and Sundays in the early afternoon.  Click the link above for schedules and for more information.

Sensual Movement – $49
A workshop for absolute beginners and experienced dancers alike!  Learn the basic sexy movements and techniques of Lap Dancing in a fun, non-threatening, and safe environment.

This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of Exotic Dance including: body contouring, body isolations, core movement, positioning, and styling, as well as basic floor work.  Instruction includes a complete breakdown of all movements and techniques, and provides a solid foundation.

Learn to put all the movements together into sexy routines by taking the next workshop after this called "Sensual Striptease".

Sensual Movement workshops are scheduled on Saturdays in the early afternoon.  Click the link above for schedules and for more information.

Sensual Striptease – $49
This workshop will focus on Lap Dance, Chair Dance, and Burlesque choreographies, as well as incorporating accessories (hats, boas, and blankets) and the art of striptease into all three dance forms.  Students will review basic floor work then transition to more exciting floor work. The routines are easy to learn and elegant when performed to select music. Emphasis will be on transitioning movement so you end up with sexy routines.

Sensual Striptease workshops are scheduled on Sundays in the early afternoon.  Click the link above for schedules and for more information.

Curious About Pole Dancing introductory class – $30
This class is a brief introduction to the mysterious and sensual art form of Pole Dancing. Learn some of the pole dancing basics and we'll show you how to incorporate the moves you just learned into a short, simple choreography. This is a one-time 1-hour class of expert instruction.

Curious About Pole Dancing classes are scheduled once a month on weekend afternoons. Click the link above for schedules and for more information.

Click here for class and workshop schedules and for more information.

For all prices, please add HST.


You may choose to register yourself or the recipient of your gift directly by contacting us by phone or email. Registering for Private Group Parties directly is most efficient and guarantees your preferred time and date.

If you prefer to allow the recipient of your gift to choose a program schedule that fits in with their personal schedule, purchasing a Gift Certificate allows for maximum flexibility. A Gift Certificate also provides you with a physical item to provide as a present!

Buy Gift Certificates now!

Payment Methods

You have several options of payment methods to choose from to purchase your gift:

Option 1: Pay by credit card over the phone. Please call Tatiana at (604) 762-8606 to arrange payment.

Option 2: Pay by Interac Email Money Transfer. If you bank in Canada with Bank of Montreal (BMO), CIBC, Royal Bank (RBC), Scotiabank, or TD Canada Trust, you will be able to send the world's first, interbank-based Interac Email Money Transfers. Please contact Tatiana at (604) 762-8606 or tatiana@poledancestudio.com for details.

Option 3: Pay by cash, credit card, or debit card IN PERSON at the studio. Please contact Tatiana at (604) 762-8606 or tatiana@poledancestudio.com to arrange an appointment to drop by the studio.

Option 4: Pay Online (PayPal interface).


Once we confirm receipt of funds, we will send you a Confirmation Email summarizing your payment details and providing Program information. The Confirmation Email is your official receipt of your purchase from Pole Dance Studio.


Tatiana (Executive Assistant): (604) 762-8606
Email: tatiana@poledancestudio.com

Sharon (Lead Instructor): (604)762-8606
Email: sharon@poledancestudio.com